“Of Windows and Doors,” By Mohsin Hamid

The New Yorker, Nov. 14 2016

“Of Windows and Doors,” By Mohsin Hamid.
Short story. Published in The New Yorker, November 2016.

This is another suggestion from the #ShortFictionSunday hashtag. I always enjoy bringing up stories from The New Yorker – they’re often interesting (they need to be interesting enough to get into The New Yorker!), but since they’re not in a genre magazine, they can seem to be left out of the more “usual” circles and buzz.

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“The Bog Girl,” by Karen Russell

“The Bog Girl,” by Karen Russell. Published in the New Yorker.

Recommended and discussed in Storyological Podcast, episode 1.19.

This is right on the border between a short story and a novelette (7,190 words by wordcounter.net).

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