“One Way Out,” by Ethan Robinson

“One Way Out,” by Ethan Robinson.

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He depressed many keys that day, an untallied number but one no doubt approximately equaling that of any other day. We cannot know what was in his thoughts, but let us speculate: that he was aware, with that awareness which had been acute when he had first started the job but had dimmed progressively with each day he worked, that every key he depressed affected in some small way the movement of objects scattered throughout the world, throughout the solar system, and in some rare cases even elsewhere, further still. During his training, as he learned about the relevance of the speed of light to the keys he must depress, he had tried to engage his supervisor in a kind of low-level philosophical talk about other implications of that universal constant, but the supervisor had been uninterested or uncomprehending — at any rate had not responded in kind. Before long, it appears, Hodos himself grew similarly uninterested.

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“…And I Show You How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes,” by Scott Alexander

“…And I Show You How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes,” by Scott Alexander.

I’m cheating here – this is a story I’ve already read, and really loved – because I’m way behind and haven’t read “Ambiguity Machines” yet. So this is a title I can give the group to catch up a bit. 🙂

This is the story I share with friends and go, “Nu, go ahead, just read the first few paragraphs.” ::evil chuckle::

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…And I Show You How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes