2017 Nebula Novelette Nominees

SFWA Nebula Awards

This week we’re shaking up our usual format, and taking on the Nebula nominees in the Novelette category — those of them available online, anyway.

So we’ll be discussing:

We’ll also discuss “Red in Tooth and Cog,” by Cat Rambo, which was nominated for a Nebula, but fell between the cracks of the wordcount categories (and ultimately judged in the short story category, at 7,070 words).

What do you think of this batch of Nebula nominees? Which make you squee, and which make you snark? Join the discussion in the comments!

“Entanglements,” by David Gerrold

Entanglements, by David Gerrold.

Dropbox link, publicly provided by Gerrold himself.
I’m *really* glad to have stumbled across this one, because I heard a *lot* of enthusiasm for it, and it was in an F&SF issue sent when my local mail system was MISERABLY AWFUL and my issue didn’t arrive TWICE.

So now I get to read it anyway!

Read the story:

Entanglements, by David Gerrold (PDF)