Story Suggestions

Got a story you’d love to see the group tackle? We want your suggestions!

We’re looking for science-fiction and fantasy stories that are free online, and published in 2017.

Within those limits, anything goes – just comment with the name of the piece, a link to the story, and a few words about why you’re suggesting this particular story. It doesn’t have to be a story you’ve already read – giving yourself a little incentive to read something is fair game! But do tell us why you want to read this one.

No self-promotion, please.

7 thoughts on “Story Suggestions”

  1. I’ll put in a good word for Polyglossia by Tamara Vardomskaya, which is easily one of the most intelligent stories I’ve read all year – a tale of linguistics, family and resistance to oppression that resonates on several levels.

  2. I have two suggestions as well:

    “u won’t remember dying” by Russell Nichols (, an epistolary story centering the Black Lives Matter movement and the reasons for it. It does a lot to resensitize.

    “The Dancer on the Stairs” by Sarah Tolmie (, a portal fantasy in which the protagonist, rather than having grand adventures and saving the alt-world, navigates bizarre social customs just as a matter of survival — those customs serving to highlight how ours are no more bizarre in comparison (and no less a matter of survival).

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