“Entanglements,” by David Gerrold

Entanglements, by David Gerrold.

Dropbox link, publicly provided by Gerrold himself.
I’m *really* glad to have stumbled across this one, because I heard a *lot* of enthusiasm for it, and it was in an F&SF issue sent when my local mail system was MISERABLY AWFUL and my issue didn’t arrive TWICE.

So now I get to read it anyway!

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Entanglements, by David Gerrold (PDF)

“The Plausibility of Dragons,” by Kenneth Schneyer

“The Plausibility of Dragons,” by Kenneth Schneyer .

Recommended by Levana Taylor, and caught my eye because she described it as ” cleverfun, and a good story of friendship,” which I could use after the last few heavy pieces 🙂

Read the story: