Site Launch!

We’re very excited to officially launch the Short Story Squee & Snark website!

SSS&S started out as a Facebook group, as a way of encouraging ourselves to read more stories, and more widely. We’ve read some great material (and some less-great material!), and it’s great encouragement to know we’ve got somewhere to jump in and muse over what we’ve read.

We’ve been able to import our existing conversations from our Facebook group to the new site – which is why a brand new site has a good 50+ existing posts and story discussions.

But it’s safe to assume the real action will be around the newest, most recent story selections. For our first few weeks, we’ve got story suggestions from Chinelo Onwualu, from Charles Payseur, and Abigail Nussbaum. Our first discussion begins tomorrow.

After that, we’ll be pressing on with selections from your humble hosts, Standback and Levana – and suggestions from you. You can follow us on RSS or on Twitter to join along.

Welcome aboard, and enjoy!


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Welcome to Short Story Squee & Snark!

We’re a site for readers of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. We’re for readers who love short stories, or who want to read more of them; for readers who love finding new things to read, and most of all – readers who love talking stories over with other readers!

Every week, we’ll start up a discussion on a new story. All our selections are recent stories, freely available online. So read up, and join right in!

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You can also suggest stories for us to discuss in the future!

“And Then, One Day, the Air was Full of Voices,” by Margaret Ronald

Another one from Clarkesworld: “And Then, One Day, the Air was Full of Voices,” by Margaret Ronald.

Recommended by BestSF, who writes:
“Because of it’s structure, mix of human and societal analysis, and an altogether different type of First Contact, I’m putting this forward for consideration for the Best SF Short Story Award 2016.”

Read the story:

“Toward the Luminous Towers,” by Bogi Takács

“Toward the Luminous Towers,” by Bogi Takács.

Clarkesworld, Short story.

Takács is fantastic and intriguing on Twitter, and I’ve been looking forward to reading something of theirs and bringing it to the group. 🙂

Content notes: warfare and combat injuries described in detail, medical abuse specifically directed at a disabled person, oppressive political regimes, detailed discussion of suicide.

Read the story:

omenana: “The Company,” by Sanya Noel, and “Sweet Like Pawpaw,” by Rafeeat Aliyu

I want to check out Omenana, an online magazine for African SF – by Africans, about Africa, or both.

I thought I’d diverge from our routine and plump for *two* stories from their current issue – “The Company,” by Sanya Noel, and “Sweet Like Pawpaw,” by Rafeeat Aliyu.