Navigating Short Fiction


Resources and links from my lecture, “Navigating the Ocean of Short Fiction.”

Powerpoint Presentation


Calibre: Manages your EBook library, and lets you tweak ebooks and convert file formats.

GrabMyBooks: Compile your own anthology by picking multiple web pages and bundling them into a single ebook.
Great for making your own collections — by author, magazine, or just “a few pieces that caught my eye”.
Works best on Firefox.

Send to Kindle: Browser plugin from Amazon to send an article directly to your Kindle.

Rocket Stack Rank: Quick index to a huge swath of currently published fiction.


Quick Sip Reviews (Charles Payseur): In-depth reviews of lots of short fiction.

Monthly Roundup (Maria Haskins) and Words for Thought (A.C. Wise): Recommendations for several notable stories every month.

Rocket Stack Rank: Capsule reviews of current stories.

Storyological: Podcast discussing short stories, new and old.

Squee & Snark: Online short story discussion club.

Huge List ‘O Magazines

Every magazine has its own style and nature. Those can be hard to pin down, so please don’t give these extremely brief descriptions any more weight than they deserve. My goal here isn’t to perfectly capture the essence  of each publication. My goal is that readers new to magazines will have an easy time homing in on a few publications that seem most suited to their own tastes.

Collected September 2017.

Analog: Hard SF; print & ebook.

Apex: free online & audio & ebook.

Asimov’s: Primarily SF; print & ebook.

Black Static: British horror and dark fantasy; print.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies: Fantasy; free online & ebook & audio.

Clarkesworld: SF, specializing in weird and translated; free online & audio & ebook.

Interzone: British SF; print.

Lightspeed: SF; free online & audio & ebook.

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: Huge variety; print & ebook.

Nightmare: Horror and dark fantasy; free online & audio & ebook.

Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show: Tends towards Young-Adult; guarantees PG-13; paid online.

Samovar: Translated science fiction and fantasy; free online & audio.

Shimmer: Contemporary fantasy; free online & ebook.

Strange Horizons: free online & audio free online

Uncanny: SF, progressive; free online & audio & ebook.