2 thoughts on ““Godfall,” by Sandra M. Odell”

  1. Charles Payseur:

    "It is not, at least to me, a story lamenting the loss of belief or even the rise of capitalism as a destructive force. Instead (again, as I read it) the destruction and danger and loss comes from those who wish to devour the religion, not for profit but as a sort of zealotry. Now, the two sides, consumption of extreme religion and consumption more generally through capitalism/consumerism are linked, driving each other, and the story does a nice job of building them in parallel, the horror of harvesting godflesh next to the horror of becoming a scavenger of a different sort, all of them consuming, all of them linked to the drive for power and freedom and yet all of them slaves, trapped in this cycle of death and mutilation and fear."


  2. I really enjoyed this one. It’s unusual and disturbing.

    Something about its central imagery just works so well for me. The idea of surviving by cannibalizing our most hallowed symbols. (Well, my most hallowed symbols. I wonder if this works very differently for readers who aren’t religious.)

    What struck me most is this little passage near the end:

    > Godstuff expanded new horizons of scientific discovery, lifted third-world countries out of suffering, and challenged the underpinnings of philosophies and religions worldwide.

    –and I’m thinking, wait a second, *regular* mining and resource exploitation do that *too*. Using a holy symbol…gives you the same profanity, the same exploitation, but twists it around to affect a very different audience. That was … unique , to me.

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